US: New spud varieties bring color, nutrition and fun to the table

While traditional potato types, such as whites and russets, are struggling to maintain consumer sales, specialty potatoes are enjoying double-digit growth at retail. With an inventory of more than 200 seed potato varieties and more in the pipeline, Preston Stanley, manager of the Colorado Certified Potato Growers Association, said he’s optimistic about the future. “We can put color on your plate,” he said. “We can put excitement on your plate like you’ve never had.” Stanley showed off some of the Monte Vista-based group’s offerings – including the Purple Majesty, Red Luna, Midnight Moon, Russian Banana and Masquerade – at the Potato Expo, Jan. 8-10. The association partners with Colorado State University on variety development, he said. The university’s breeders do the actual crosses, selections and early field trials before bringing in the association. More