Canada: Study reveals extensive opportunities for Ontario’s fresh potato industry

A recent study to identify opportunities for Ontario’s fresh potato industry has led to some recommendations to help change consumer attitude and behaviour towards this food product. The study, a collaboration between the Ontario Potato Board, Loblaw Companies Limited, Downey Farms, the Value Chain Management Centre, and George Mitges & Associates, will enable businesses along the value chain to make more informed decisions. This includes the ability to redress consumers’ incorrect assumptions of the nutritional and health related attributes of fresh potatoes, and build upon the finding that many consumers do not view price as a top tier consideration. More important to consumers is the availability of high quality, value-added potato products that address a specific functional purpose or are suited to a specific style of preparation. “The study identified clear market opportunities that can be realized through greater collaboration along the entire value chain,” stated Don Brubacher, General Manager of the Ontario Potato Board. Full report