Do you know how to distinguish and control Alternaria, or early blight?

Although not in the same league as late blight, it is important to understand the potentially damaging effects of Alternaria. At Potato Council’s recent Winter Forum West in Shropshire in the UK, John Keer of Richard Austin Agriculture told a room full of growers and industry what we know about Alternaria and the way in which the two species can affect potato crops. John advised “For clarity, as both forms of blight can be seen ‘early’ or ‘late’, we should use Alternaria to refer to early blight, as Phytophthora infestans is known as late blight, or just simply blight. Alternaria can be more sporadic than late blight but certain varieties are more susceptible to it, so growers need to know how to identify Alternaria and how to control it.” More