Tunisian potato export starts off with good supply

This week will mark the start of the potato export season in Tunisia. With good weather during the growing season, it’s expected volumes available for export will be good. “We plan to export 4,000 tons of new potatoes this season because production was good in Tunisia,” said Walid Gaddas of Alyssa Fruits. “Potato production forecasts for this season are very promising in terms of quantity and quality.” Part of the reason for the rosy outlook on the potato export season, which runs from the end of January to April and then again from May through July, is the lack of adverse weather. The prevalent varieties for the export season are Bellini and Spunta potatoes, which are grown in the sandy soils of Central and Southern Tunisia. Alyssa fruits will export their winter production, which is smaller than the main crop that ships in the summer, primarily to Europe, though they also export a portion of their potato production to Africa and the Middle East. Walid Gaddas can be reached at (Source: