UK: Volume sales of potatoes down, exports up

Potato Council in the UK has published its latest Potato Market Dynamics Report. According to the Report, Over 2013, volume sales of potatoes have fallen. In the latest 52 weeks, volume sold were 8% behind last year, equivalent to 133,000 fewer tonnes. Of the three main categories, economy have accounted for more than half of the total market volume drop (despite being a very small share of the market), with volumes falling by over 71,000 tonnes. This could have been driven by a range of factors such as quality and shelf space. The Report further says that export growth of 4% for the period Jun-Nov ‘13, compared with Jun-Nov ’12, is driven by fresh/raw (up 22%) and in spite of an 11% fall in processed (raw equiv.). When examining the latest monthly data (Nov ‘13), exports, compared with Nov ’12, increased by 38%. In this month, processed exports were up 30% and fresh/raw exports were 17% higher when compared with Nov ‘12. Full report