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US: Despite some heat, season looking productive for Potandon

PotandonThe potato harvest is already under way for Potandon Produce LLC, headquartered in Idaho Falls, ID. “Growing conditions have been favorable for most of the summer,” said Ralph Schwartz, vice president of marketing, sales and innovation. He said a two-week period of extreme heat in the Pacific Northwest will affect a portion of the crop, with some fields having reduced yields and size profile. “The current Idaho crop has a slightly above-average size profile, and we are seeing a lighter set on the plants,” he said Sept. 9. “The Burbank crop harvest will start late next week, and we are anticipating a similar profile. But with nothing dug, we cannot confirm the overall profile. The Norkotahs, which are being harvested now, have exhibited typical off-the-field defects with some immaturity and skinning.” More

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