Namibia: Washed potatoes offer excellent opportunities

According to figures presented by Gilbert Mulonda, market promotion and advisory manager of the Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency (AMTA), potato production on the local market grew from about 536 tonnes in 2010 to 11 239 tonnes in 2014. However, Namibia still imported 18 977 tonnes in 2014, which points to an excellent opportunity for local production, especially for washed potatoes. Washed potatoes constitute more than 95% of the formal potato market demand in Namibia, which are mainly imported due to the unavailability of washing facilities in Namibia. This information was shared by members during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Potato and Onion Producers Association (POPA) in Tsumeb recently. POPA represents Namibian potato and onion producers. The association’s mission is to stimulate, protect and promote potato and onion production and marketing in Namibia. More