Italy: Frozen potatoes and veg performing well despite crisis

The Italian frozen potato and vegetable sectors have been performing well despite the consumption and price policy issues of the past five years. Between 2010 and 2015, the Italian processed, frozen and packaged potato and vegetable market experienced an increase in total volumes and sales. Volumes went from 299 thousand tons to 310 thousand (+3.7%), while the value rose from €934 million to €1,002 million (+7.3%). In 2015, 85% of sales were represented by frozen vegetables, and the remaining 15% by frozen potatoes. According to Ufficio Studi e Ricerche di Fondosviluppo S.p.A, an increase is expected in volumes from 2015-2020 (+2.6%), which may, it is thought, be counterbalanced by a decrease in sales (-8.8%).  In 2015, the United States were confirmed as the leading frozen potato market with total sales worth $2,215 million. The UK is the second largest market with almost $1,194 million. Ireland holds the record for per capita sales. Italy is the leading European market for frozen veg. More