Jerry Wright to retire from United Potato Growers of America

Jerry Wright Retires from United Potato Growers of AmericaUnited Potato Growers of America (UPGA) President/CEO, Jerry Wright, announced his coming retirement at the August 23 Board of Directors meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jed Ellithorpe, current UPGA Board Chairman, indicated that Wright will continue in his role as CEO until the Board has found a suitable replacement. While serving as President/CEO of the United Potato Growers of Idaho, Wright organized and served as interim president of the United Potato Growers of America. Along with principal United founder, Albert Wada, Wright was a key organizer and recruiter for potato growers in Idaho, Colorado, Columbia Basin, Klamath Basin, and Wisconsin. Wright took over management of UPGA in December, 2011. Wright has been called by the LDS church to serve as technical advisor to a new program about to be instituted. (Source: United Potato Growers of America)