US: RPE Produce offers new microwavable potato products

Tasteful-Selections-Take--Shake-LineRPE Produce, Inc., has added a new convenience line of microwavable potatoes and expanded its organic line. Randy Shell, RPE’s vice president of marketing and new business development, said that Tasteful Selections line of fresh potatoes is extended with new microwavable Take & Shake-brand cups. Aimed for convenience, these snack-sized treats are available in three new flavors: Chipotle BBQ, Chili Lime and Black Pepper Rosemary & Thyme. “Each flavor provides a unique culinary experience and a re-imagined potato product. These cups will satisfy cravings and provide a healthier option to grab-and-go eating,” said Shell. Shell noted that, “to meet the exceeding demand of organic potatoes,” RPE is expanding its organic program. More