Kenya, the Netherlands, US: Farmers to learn over 100 ways of cooking potato at agri-fair

Enthusiasts view one among the numerous farming technological innovations to be exhibited in the trade fair.How many ways of cooking potato do you know of? One boiling, two frying, three mashing… There are 100 of them. These many ways and other value addition skills will be showcased at the University of Eldoret from September 22 to 24 during an agricultural fair. Celebrated Kenyan and Dutch chefs will display how the popular delicacy can be cooked in different ways in a contest aimed at maximising yields from the crop and boosting food security. The fair is sponsored by the Netherlands Embassy in Nairobi, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises (KAVES) project. “Some 65 companies will come from The Netherlands alone to exhibit,” said Liz Kiamba of the Embassy of the Netherlands. The gesture is a shift from the traditional partnership that the two countries have always had and still share in horticulture, and now extending it to potato value chain, due to the crop’s increasing significance in addressing food security. University of Eldoret council chairman Prof Harun Mengech hailed trade fairs and farming clinics as forums through which scientific knowledge that will enhance food productivity will be transferred to farmers. More. Related story