NEPG estimate for the 2016 potato harvest: More acres, less production and a lot of uncertainty

North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG)The North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG) expect in the 5 covered countries (NL, B, FR, GB, DE) a lower production of potatoes (seed and potatoes.for starch production not included) compared to last season. The production for 2016 is estimated at 24.9 million tons while in 2015 25.9 million ton was harvested. The losses due to the flooding are included in these numbers. Despite an expansion of the acreage by 4.8% compared to last season, yield is expected to be 1.6% lower. Compared to the 5-year averages, the acreage is up 3.4 % and the production is down 2.2%. In Germany, an average harvest is expected, but in the Netherlands, France and Great Britain the production is estimated to be lower. In Belgium a very low production is expected, despite an expansion of the acreage by 12%: production in Belgium is estimated to be 5.8% below the production of last season. More