Canada: New ‘better for diabetics’ potato attractive to Prince Edward Island growers

Potatoes marketed for their low glycemic index launched this week in Ontario, with the support of the Canadian Diabetes Association.  People in the Prince Edward Island potato industry believe a new spud that’s better for people with diabetes could be lucrative to grow on the Island. The Carisma potato was launched this week by an Ontario company EarthFresh Foods Inc. It’s being marketed with a low glycemic index, with the support of the Canadian Diabetes Association. A Russet Burbank potato has a GI of about 90 versus the Carisma potato at 50, according to EarthFresh. “This would appeal to people maybe interested in weight control,” said Don Northcott with Real Potatoes Limited, a potato production and development company in Cornwall, P.E.I.  “I know many of the people who suffer from diabetes are interested in this as well.” Northcott said following food trends and taking advantage of specialized markets are important when it comes to choosing which potato varieties to develop and grow. More