US: North Dakota potato farmers bracing for huge losses

So much rain has fallen on area farms, the price we pay for produce may be going up. Shoppers could all be paying more. A report from the Northern Plains Potato Growers says prices for potatoes have doubled from this time last year. The wet fields mean a heartbreaking harvest for farmers. This year, some might not break even. Chris Hoenke: “We can’t have any more rain. It’s just too much.” Hoenke is a potato farmer near Grafton, and he’s expecting some major losses with his red potato crops. Hoenke: “It’s just a lot of water. A lot of water. A lot of drowned out. We’re probably looking at an 80% loss.” Paul Dolan, GM Associated Potato Growers: “I’m 63 years old, been in the farming community and around potatoes my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like this.” More