Spain: Potato producers advised to plant crops according to market needs

The CNIPT (National Interprofessional Potato Committee) said in a press release that sown ground for 2017 should be decided upon with care and in relation to market needs. Only the offer/demand balance can guarantee an income that is reasonable for the production – work conditions for negotiators/packers and industrials, as well as consumer satisfaction. The CNIPT says that with a 5.3% increase in ware potato production in Spain in 2016, no less than 10% of the yield that was lost due to bad weather is to thank for avoiding an unwieldy production situation in Spain. They said that “the abundant offer in 2014, with a harvest reaching almost 6 million tons in France, linked to an ecceptional planted acreage (over 120,000 hectares) and high yields, led to markets collapsing and a major depression in the sector over all”. (Source: FreshPlaza)