NL: Kiremko sets ‘the new standard in steam peelers’ with the Strata Invicta

Kiremko sets 'The new standard in steam peelers' with the Strata Invicta®The Dutch company Kiremko, fully dedicated to equipment for the potato processing industry, has launched a new steam peeling solution, the STRATA Invicta®. This steam peeler promises high speed and superior yields. Kiremko: How fast, thin and long can you peel? We can finally reveal these answers and promise you that no other machine in the market today can beat our STRATA Invicta®!” “Compared to other steam peeling solutions, the STRATA Invicta® increases yield up to 5,9%. The secret is a combination of advanced steam peeling techniques to achieve shorter peeling times and an extremely short cycle time with quick filling and steam exhaust. This way you can process the most potatoes per hour at the highest possible yields. More