UK: Albert Bartlett set to launch new varieties at Waitrose

Albert Bartlett set to launch new varieties at WaitroseAlbert Bartlett is launching two new year-round potato varieties at Waitrose this week. The new potato types, grown exclusively by the Lincolnshire-based producer, are both perfect for baking or roasting, according to firm – but this is where the similarity ends. Elfe potatoes, which are available at Morrisons in 4-packs and bags of 2kg bags, have “a bright yellow flesh with a smooth creamy moist texture, and fresh sweet dairy taste”, according to the supplier. Visually, the variety is characterised by a cream-coloured skin finish and smooth oval shape, with shallow eyes. It scores consistently high for “fullness of potato flavour”, Albert Bartlett reported in a press release. 

By contrast, the second variety to be launched, Apache, has a warm red skin and cream-coloured patches. Bred in Scotland from the stroma and phureja varieties – the latter being one of the original potato strains from Peru – the Apache provides “excellent taste and ease of cooking”, according to the producer. “It has a full savoury, nutty flavour and a very silky smooth texture,” Albert Bartlett added.

Both varieties will be available at Waitrose all year round.

Source: Albert Bartlett