London now has a crisp restaurant, for hipsters with ‘high-end’ tastes

Crisps are objectively great. Salty slices of fat-drenched carbohydrate -‘crisps’ in some regions of the world, including the U.K., or ‘chips’ in other areas, such as the U.S. And now there is a whole restaurant dedicated to crisps. The establishment is located in London on Soho (in Old Compton Street) and it is called ‘Hipchips’ (@wearehipchips), and the unusual fare is trending on social media like Twitter. It offers a choice of crisps made from little-known potato varieties including Highland Burgundy, Red Emmalie, Salad Blue and Shetland Black. Chef Scott Davies told the Evening Standard: “Everyone likes crisps, but what you can get in the shops is fairly average. We are using the best ingredients to make a high-end product. We wanted to give people something a bit different – I don’t think there is anyone doing something like this in the country, or even the world.” To accompany your crisps, you can choose from a selection of six savoury dips, including katsu curry, smoky cheese fondue, baba ghanoush and beetroot & lemongrass marmalade. More. On Twitter