UK: Online calculator helps cut farms’ greenhouse gas emissions

It’s called the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) — an easy-to-use online calculator which helps farmers monitor their emissions of greenhouse gases. The CFT was initially developed by researchers at the University of Aberdeen in the UK in partnership with Unilever and the Sustainable Food LabNow managed by a group including academics and food manufacturers called the Cool Farm Alliancethe CFT is free for farmers to download. In 2010 PepsiCo, the drinks and food conglomerate, launched a programme aimed at making its operations more environmentally friendly. In particular it sought to halve the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and water use arising from production at its Walkers Crisps factory at Leicester in the UK—the largest such plant in the world. Spearhead Potatoes, based near Cambridge in the east of England, is one of the UK’s biggest potato companies, and a major producer for Walkers. John Addams-Williams, a director at Spearhead, says using the CFT and cutting back on water use has not only resulted in more sustainable farming practices but has also saved on costs. More