NL: ‘Peel return important when developing potato machines’

Machinery manufacturer Sormac focuses on machinery for the processing industry. The machines vary from potato, carrot and onion peeling machines to drying machines for leafy vegetables. In addition, Sormac designs and installs complete processing and sorting lines. Commercial manager Roy Lemmen sees an increasing demand for sustainable and hygienic machines. Sormac, a Dutch company, designs and produces potato and vegetable processing machines. “Improving existing and developing new techniques is what we are good at,” says Roy Lemmen, Sormac’s commercial manager. The company is mainly active in European countries, the US, Canada and Oceania. Furthermore, a trend can be seen in countries in which fast food chains are significantly developing, such as Asia and South America. Sormac is particularly good in peeling when it comes to potatoes. The manufacturer developed multiple peeling machines. The company delivers customer-specific potato processing lines with a capacity of up to 6,000 kilograms per hour. More