Curly fries now on the menu at McDonald’s Japan

Japan has almost 3,000 McDonald's locations.The classic french fry may be deliciously addictive, but let’s face it– there’s something pretty special about those perfectly twisted, slightly crispy, delicately seasoned and of course, bended and curled curly fries. For fast food lovers in Japan, the new year is already off to a spicy start as McDonald’s locations in the country have announced the return of its take on curly fries. According to Rocket News 24, curly fries are now available throughout the country, but they won’t be around for long. The McDonald’s Japan website explains  that the fries have a “spicy chili flavor blended with five kinds of spices, finished in seasoning which makes it a habit which everyone can enjoy.” The curly fries, which were a hit in 2015, are only available until early February. More