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Peruvian potatoes to join world’s largest banana collection in Belgium

Peruvian potatoes to join world's largest banana collection in BelgiumFor 30 years, KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) has been home to an impressive collection of bananas that already contains over 1,500 varieties and is the biggest in its kind. The collection is recognised as world heritage and will soon be expanded with another food crop: 8,000 potato varieties of the International Potato Centre in Peru are coming to Leuven. To preserve this many varieties, the bioengineers use a cold chamber and cryotanks with plant in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. The CIP, the International Potato Centre in Peru, manages a collection of potatoes, sweet potatoes and other tuber and root crops from the Andes, and is convinced of the success of the technology used in Leuven. More

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