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US: New era with new oil begins for Jones’ Potato Chips

_DSC0521.JPGThe traditional way of producing Jones’ Potato Chips, with soybean oil, is gone. Chief Executive Officer Bob Jones said the company ran out of partially-hydrogenated soybean oil in December — after the FDA ruled partially-hydrogenated oils were no longer “generally recognized as safe.” “We send a lot of potato chips and potato sticks to New York state and New Jersey. We have significant business in Michigan and a contracted business in Miami, Florida,” Jones said. “The business is changing. It goes back to 2007. We processed more potatoes in 2016 than any other year.” Jones said he can empathize with his customer in missing the original flavor that became the company’s trademark. “Of course,” he said. “I was raised on that oil. No one wanted it to happen. The government forced it to happen. At the moment, I was not particularly happy with what was going on.” Jones said he went through the stages of grief when he found he had to get rid of the soybean oil chip line. But he is now confident. The new chips are made with corn oil. More