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Consumers need not fear acrylamide levels in fries: McDonald’s

A McDonald’s spokesperson said consumers had nothing to fear from indulging in their favourite meal from the fast food store in view of the FSA’s warning earlier this week about the high levels of acrylamide present in fries, toast and other carbs. According to the spokesman, when the warning was released, fast-food chain McDonald’s meals already contained lower levels of acrylamide as compared with other food chains. It had been reported that McDonald’s had been taking steps to cut acrylamide in its food. Over the past decade McDonald’s had changed the variety and type of potatoes they used that had lower starch content and had also introduced new storage methods and processing conditions to limit the risk of acrylamide formation. Acrylamide is formed when sugars and proteins in starchy foods are roasted, fried, baked or toasted. More