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Weather in Northwestern Idaho causes logistical issues for potato industry

Supply is looking very good for Idaho russets and quality is holding up. That market has been steady so far, but with the recent weather that North-western Idaho has been experiencing, it’s been causing some logistical issues. Aside from making sure trucks get out on time, “other than that it’s the normal course of business for potatoes,” says Eric Beck, Director of Marketing for Wada Farms Marketing Group. Planting will begin in March but, as for growing conditions, Beck is optimistic about the amount of snowfall so far this year to help with water supply. “That’s not just in eastern Idaho, that’s clear across the state,” he said. “The same could be said for our operations in Colorado; we’re optimistic that the snowfall there will help out with the water situation as well.” Beck doesn’t anticipate too much ebb and flow on prices in the market, adding – where prices are currently at will maintain until at least the summer months when there might be a bit of a climb, “but nothing substantial.” More