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UK: Potato cyst nematode calculator – A web based educational tool and decision justifier

Potato cyst nematode is the most important potato pest in the UK and has the potential to cause substantial yield losses. There are two species of PCN, Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida. G. pallida has become widespread due to its prolonged hatching period and the selection pressure created by the cultivation of many varieties that are resistant to G. rostochiensis but susceptible to G. pallidaAHDB Potatoes PCN Pallida calculator is a web based educational tool or decision justifier which can allow you to play out and visualise different ‘what if’ scenarios relevant to your enterprise. While the tool does not offer advice on what you should do, it will show you the implications of your actions on the level of pallida infestation and the effect on your predicted yield. The effect on yield is based on mathematical predictions. If the infestation is very low, the yield reduction can be so low as to be unnoticeable when a crop is commercially harvested. More