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US: New russet variety for McDonalds increases potato processing acreage in Pacific Northwest

With McDonald’s recently giving Pacific Northwest (PNW) process growers the green light to grow Clearwater Russet for french fry production, the variety promises to become a popular process cultivar in the coming years. Clearwater Russet is a cross of the Bannock Russet and A89152-4, and was developed by the Tri-State Research and Breeding program. The Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI) is the exclusive license holder and administers the commercial production of seed through license royalty payments for the Tri-State program. The cultivar’s prominent characteristics include high U.S. #1 yields, low reducing sugars, uniform fry color and cold sweetening resistance, lower acrylamide forming potential and good processing quality out of storage. Clearwater Russet has a higher susceptibility to fusarium dry rot than Russet Burbank. Bruising and wounding should be minimized during harvest and handling in order to lessen this disease in storage. Glucose concentrations at harvest (seven days postharvest) in Clearwater Russet were significantly lower than Russet Burbank. Three-year average glucose concentration fresh weight for Clearwater Russet was 0.025 percent. Three-year average glucose concentration fresh weight (FW) in Russet Burbank was 0.059 percent. More