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UK: Manor Fresh potato supplier sees growth in 2017

Newly filed results for Manor Fresh, a potato supplier, revealed turnover topped £60.3m for the year to 30 April 2016, compared to £57.1m a year earlier. Pre-tax profit also increased to £1.6m from £1.4m. The company upgraded its potato packing facility in Spalding in its 2014/15 financial year and has continued to invest in people and processes, which it said “contributed significantly” to its performance in the year under review. The UK’s potato harvest in 2015 totalled 5.4 million tonnes, down from 5.7 million tonnes, but Manor Fresh said the “overall quality, availability and values” remained relatively stable. It added that the sale of green vegetables was “particularly strong” due to customers’ awareness of the health benefits of unprocessed vegetables. Source: