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US: Buffalo Public School “Spud Launchers” will send their potato into space

A potato in space. That’s the idea behind the “Spud Launchers” project.
Three young women, and future scientists, here in Buffalo will have their potato experience orbiting somewhere inside the international space station, and they call themselves, “The Spud Launchers.” Three Buffalo Public School students, Gabriella Melendez, Toriana Cornwell and Shaniylah Welch alongside their Advisor, Andrew Franz, will finally see only the finest of New York State potatoes fly into space. Her team is among the winners of a national science competition. She said, “You have to pick something that you would want to send in to space and test it.” So we asked, “why a potato? She was inspired by the movie, “Martian.” She said, “A potato can grow off one another, the tubers, there are little roots that grow out of it, and that can grow another potato.” The group will head to Cape Canaveral next week to watch the launching of the rocket that will carry their science experiment into space. More

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