Prepping problem potatoes for long-term storage

For the best chance of long-term storage success, potato tubers at harvest should be dry, disease free, and uniformly 48 to 60°F. Reality is rarely so kind, however. A wide variety of field and environmental factors often contribute to tubers entering storage in less than ideal condition. Tubers can be wet, infected with disease and/or too hot or too cold. In some cases, daily and hourly temperature fluctuations mean over-warm and over-cold tubers can be present in the same pile. Luckily, all is not lost when tubers enter storage in less than perfect condition: with extra care and attention these tubers can be conditioned for storage success. Successful storage begins before the year’s crop comes out of the ground. To prep a facility for incoming tubers, all remnants of any previous crop including soil and dust must be removed and the building fully disinfected. Then, consider disease. Assessing disease risk depends on both one’s knowledge of field history and one’s careful attention. Know what is going into storage. More