France profits from impact of Guatemalan potato moth in Spain

Taking advantage of the impact of the Guatemalan potato moth, a very harmful pest that has settled down in the north of Galicia and part of Asturias, France is selling large volumes to distribution channels in the area. Producer organizations and agricultural unions have noted how, over the last few weeks, Galician supermarkets have apparently been selling a lot more French potatoes, although they are packed in Galicia. The official data corroborate that feeling. Last year, France exported 518,000 tonnes of potatoes to Spain, almost 5% more than in 2015. It is the highest figure ever since the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers and Exporters of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Plants (Fepex) keeps records. In 2013, when there was no record of the pest, the figure reached 425,000 tonnes. Back then, French potatoes accounted for 60% of all imports arriving in Spain, while now this percentage has reached 71%. More