US: GPS products and services add to potato growers’ tool kits

GPS systems have changed production agriculture in planting, material application and harvesting, and a number of companies have come out with innovative products to better help row crop production. Potato farmers are no different from row-crop farmers when it comes to technology. “GPS systems are evolving more than people think,” said Cody Light, strategic marketing manager for AGCO. “More autonomous features are coming to the market to make things easier for the user…” Jay Beedy, marketing manager of Micro-Trak Systems, said one of the latest trends in GPS is the availability of ISO systems to allow the operator to use the existing virtual terminal as the user interface and display for all monitoring and control operations. Mike Martinez, marketing director for Trimble’s agriculture division, noted one of the trends the company has been tracking for a few years is the increased use of smartphones and tablets in the cab for agricultural technology purposes. Farmers can keep their tractor and implement on the same guidance line with Trimble’s TrueTracker, which is an active implement guidance system that allows the implement to guide itself independently of the tractor. More