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Latest NASS report shows slight reduction in total U.S. acreage

Potato acreage in the United States is down, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) annual June fall acreage report. Total acreage for 2017 is estimated to be 1,025,400 acres, down .83 percent from the 2016 figure of 1,034,000 acres. Of the largest producing states, acreage is estimated to drop in Idaho (from 325,000 to 310,000), North Dakota (80,000 to 78,000) and Wisconsin (65,000 to 60,000). Slight increases in acreage are forecast for Colorado (57,100 to 57,200), Maine (47,000 to 48,000), Michigan (47,000 to 47,500) and Minnesota (40,000 to 45,000). Washington acreage is expected to be unchanged, at 170,000. View the entire NASS acreage report, and scroll down to pages 27-28 for the potato figures.

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