Research: Potato virus X nanoparticles may fight cancer

Image result for potato virus x nanoparticles cancer researchResearchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, in collaboration with researchers from Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine and RWTH Aachen University in Germany, have adapted virus particles—that normally infect potatoes—to serve as cancer drug delivery devices for mice. But in a recent article published in Nano Letters, the team showed injecting the virus particles alongside chemotherapy drugs, instead of packing the drugs inside, may provide an even more potent benefit. The researchers discovered that injecting potato virus X particles into melanoma tumor sites activates an anti-tumor immune system response. Simultaneously injecting the nanoscale plant virus particles and a chemotherapy drug—doxorubicin—into tumor sites further helps halt tumor progression in mice. The results are the first to show “vaccinating” mice with potato virus nanoparticles at a cancer site can generate an anti-tumor response. More