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North Korean people starve to death in rural areas even during potato harvest season

Image result for north korea potatoNorth Korea held a large-scale general festival of music and dancing to commemorate the successful test launch of the ICBM-class Hwasong 14 missile in Pyongyang on Sunday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seated in a red couch at the center of the performance hall. Amidst this fanfare, a tragic situation is reportedly playing itself out in some rural areas of the country. Radio Free Asia, the U.S. news media outlet dedicated to North Korea affairs, reported on Sunday that a growing number of people living in the country side are starving to death amid aggravating food shortages. “These days are the harvest season for new crops of potatoes, but there are people who are starving to death due to lack of food,” a source in the North was quoted as saying. “People living in rural areas or mountainous regions often starve to death due to restrictions in moving and trade.” (Source: The Dong-A Ilbo)

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