Japan’s potato supply rebounding after typhoons caused slump

Image result for japan potatoJapan’s potato supply is rebounding – with wholesale and retail prices falling – thanks to solid shipments from secondary producing regions starting in the spring. Potato stocks are 20% higher on the year at Tokyo’s Ota market. Shipments began arriving in April from prefectures such as Shizuoka in Japan’s main island and Nagasaki in the country’s south, areas that experienced solid harvests due to favorable weather this spring. “There isn’t a potato shortage at the moment,” says Tokyo Seika, Japan’s largest fruit and vegetable wholesaler. Last year’s shortage resulted from a series of typhoons that hit the northernmost island of Hokkaido, which produces 80% of Japan’s potatoes. Potatoes from Hokkaido currently on store shelves were harvested last fall. Despite lower prices, sales have been slow. Source: asia.nikkei.com