Scottish potato growers continue to learn that ‘less is more’

AHDB says potato yields could be increased by reducing nitrogen top dressings. Picture: Johnston PressThe “less is more” lesson for tattie growers continues with the revelation that overall yields could be increased by reducing nitrogen top dressings by 25-30 kg a hectare. The message being given at the AHDB’s Strategic Potato open day at Meigle in Perthshire on fertiliser follows on from revelations earlier in the year from the project that by reducing tillage depth and doing away with the “recreational pastime” of bed tillage, growers could save costs and increase overall yields and the weight of the crop which packed out. Dr Mark Stalham from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany said that by reducing the amount of later nitrogen applied to the crop the plants were less likely to put so much into growing green foliage later into the season, allowing the crop to senesce naturally. More