Greek ‘potato island’ breaks Idaho’s Guinness World Record for biggest batch of fries

Image result for Greek 'potato island' breaks Guinness World Record for biggest batch of friesIt took more than 1,500 kg of raw Naxos potatoes, 22 huge cauldrons, the hard work of 40 volunteers and the determination of a whole island, but in the end the Greek Island Naxos won the bet. “We have broken the Guinness World Record. Greece is celebrating,” announced Dimitris Kapounis, president of the island’s agricultural cooperatives union on Saturday. The electronic scale that weighed the fried potatoes read 554 kg, which is 100 kg more than the previous world record set in 2014 in Eagles, Idaho, in the United States. According to organizers, setting a Guinness World Record was not an easy task. In order to make it into the world-famous book, strict rules apply. In this case, the potatoes had to be peeled and cut in a certain way, they had to be fried according to specific hygienic standards, weighed, served in a single container, and then distributed and eaten. Locals hope that the newly-set Guinness world record will make their island a worldwide attraction for potato lovers. “Our aim is to make Naxos potato famous all around Greece, all around Europe, all around the world,” said Kapounis. More