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Dutch potato sector accesses Argentinian market

MiniknollenAfter years of negotiations, the Argentinian border was recently opened for Dutch baby potatoes. The export of in-vitro propagated potato plants to the South American country is also now allowed. The Dutch Potato Organisation (NAO) are calling this a breakthrough of great importance for  the Dutch potato sector. The NAO is the branch organisation of potato traders, farmers and processors. Karst Weening of the NAO represented the organisation in the talks with Argentina. “The potato sector in Argentina has a lot of potential”, says Weening. “Dutch export products have an excellent image. We may finally export again, which is good news for exporters.” “The Netherlands played a crucial role in the Argentinian potato sector in the past. This was introducing new varieties and the improvement of existing varieties. This has been at a standstill for too long.” More. Report in Dutch