Australia: Agronico opens new purpose-built coolstore for seed potato storage in Tasmania

Image result for Agronico opens new purpose-built coolstore at SpreytonThe new coolstore at Spreyton can store up to 8000 tonnes of seed potatoes and has the potential to service Australia’s seed potato needs, Agronico believes. Agronico chief executive Robert Graham said the purpose-built facility will benefit Tasmanian potato farmers because it will improve the viability of their produce. “We believe there’s a big opportunity for seed potatoes in Tasmania. We think farmers should capitalise on that,” Mr Graham said. “We should produce seed potatoes for all of Australia because we can produce such good quality seed. High quality seed is vital for high yield and, therefore, valuable for our farmers,” he said. The new coolstore means potatoes can be transported direct from Tasmanian paddocks for grading and then to the facility for storage in optimum conditions. More