Breaking News: Mexican court bans US potato imports over ‘food sovereignty’ and spread of diseases

Buttery Potatoes, Meals, Father's Day, Food Gifts, Side Dishes, Potatoes,According to an Associated Press (AP) news report, published late last night on CBC Local in Sacramento, a Mexican federal court has made an unusual ruling yesterday that bans the import of US potatoes on the grounds that the imports ‘violate Mexicans’ right to food sovereignty and a healthy environment’. A group of Mexican potato growers had reportedly sought a constitutional injunction on the imports, claiming that any imports will result in the spread of agricultural diseases within Mexico’s borders. The court further said Mexican agricultural authorities had failed to use sufficient methods such as radiation treatment of imports to prevent disease spread. But because federal injunctions are intended only to protect constitutional rights, the ruling had to break some new ground. The court therefore ruled that the ban must be implemented to maintain Mexicans’ collective rights to “preserve food sovereignty and the health of Mexican crop fields.” According to the AP report, the US agriculture department had no immediate comment on the ruling.