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Potato fertilization on irrigated soils

Image result for irrigated potatoesOptimum potato growth and profitable production depend on many management factors, one of which is ensuring a sufficient supply of nutrients. There are 14 soil-derived elements or nutrients considered to be essential for growth of plants. When the supply of nutrients from the soil is not adequate to meet the demands for growth, fertilizer application becomes necessary. Potatoes have a shallow root system and a relatively high demand for many nutrients. Therefore, a comprehensive nutrient management program is essential for maintaining a healthy potato crop, optimizing tuber yield and quality, and minimizing undesirable impacts on the environment. Carl J. Rosen and Peter M. Bierman at University of Minnesota Extension in the US wrote this in-depth article, which includes practical guidelines, on potato fertilization, in particular as it concerns potatoes grown under irrigation. Readers might also be interested in Best practice guide for potatoes, compiled and written by potato specialists in the UK.