Handmade chips ‘Colorado Proud’ to the core

Image result for Handmade chips Colorado Proud to the coreAugust is Colorado Proud month, a time to celebrate unique products like the chips from Morgan Handmade Rations, which are made exclusively from Colorado-grown potatoes. Owner Kyle Morgan slices and fries the potato chips himself using Harvest Moon potatoes grown by Rockey Farms, at Center, Colorado. “I reached out to Brendon and Sheldon (Rockey) to use their potatoes, and we immediately clicked. Their product is unparalleled,” he said. “I chose to use the Harvest Moon potato, which has a purple skin and yellow flesh, because that’s the one they recommended when I asked them which potato varieties potato farmers eat.” The naturally vibrant color of the potatoes helps set his product apart. Morgan believes he is one of only two potato chip makers in Colorado, and the only one to source his potatoes from within the state. More