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Weird News: Selecta Potato Chips creates the world’s first sparkling wine flavoured potato chips

Just when you thought there is no more unique (and weird) flavours that can be imitated by the potato chips industry, along comes Spanish company Patatas Torres with a fusion of sparkling wine and chips…  The company recently released the world’s first sparkling wine potato chips and they’ve gotten people very excited! The chips are described as having “a fruity flavour with a slight bubbling effect.” That bubbling effect comes from the popping candy which is added to the chips to give them that sparkling wine flare. Patatas Torres lists the ingredients on their website: Potatoes, sunflower oil, sparkling wine flavouring (6%), popping candy (1%), and flavour enhancer. The company are known for their creative flavours – they’ve also made caviar, ham, and olive oil among others.