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UK: Potato marketing company ‘driving marketable yield to achieve greater production’

James Hopwood, head of agriculture at Whole Crop Marketing at Kirkburn near Driffield with different varieties of potatoes.Professional potato growing has never been analysed as much as it is today in order to produce the right varieties for the right markets and understanding soil is paramount. Driving marketable yield to achieve greater production from the same acreage is one of the key planks in Wholecrop Marketing’s strategy to provide greater sustainability for their growers. Last week the potato marketing company, based at Kirkburn near Driffield, held its annual field trials day where 109 potato varieties were on show across the 17-acre site. But it was Innovation Alley that also attracted massive attention. “Innovation Alley is all about increasing marginal gain for our growers. Varieties are very important and the work there will always see new strains developed. …Soil health is massively important. Every potato grower needs to be aware of and understand what is in the soil and that means undertaking an in-depth analysis of the micro and macro nutrients.” The company has also invested in a drone and aerial sensing works on reflectance from the crop, and provides mapping by calculation of light spectrums. More