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Germany: Agrarfrost celebrates 50 years of “passion for potatoes”

Agrarfrost feiert 50 Jahre "Leidenschaft für Kartoffelgenuss" / Geschäftspartner und Vertreter der Politik nahmen an Jubiläumsfeier teil / Christian Wulff, Bundespräsident a.D., hielt Festrede In a pavilion at its headquarters, Agrarfrost, Germany’s largest producer of frozen potato products, celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary. More than 600 guests from Europe, Africa, America and Asia were in attendance. Agrarfrost CEO’s Eike Stöver and Manfred Wulf welcomed amongst other guests the honourable former German President, Christian Wulff. “Our long-standing and reliable partners are of great importance to our family business, whether they be policy makers, associations, our customers and suppliers or potato growers – we can only be successful as a company because of all these good partnerships,” Eike Stöver said in his address. Agrarfrost processes approx. 550,000 tonnes of potatoes per year to produce its frozen potato products. Approximately 200 contract farmers cultivate potatoes on 8,000 hectares to supply Agrarfrost with raw product. Read full article in the German language

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