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US: Valley Irrigation introduces new center drive motor for pivot systems

Valley Irrigation introduces a new center drive that delivers the perfect combination of speed and power. The new Valley X-Tec advanced DC drive motor uses FastPass technology and operates up to twice the speed of a standard, high-speed AC center drive motor. The motor design provides constant torque at any speed, providing growers with unmatched control and additional options to maximize crop yields. The patented alignment technology and robust DC motor keep the pivot moving at a smooth, consistent pace, even over varied terrain. Justin Wootan, a potato grower on Black Mesa Farms in Idaho, is an early adopter of technology that can help with the quality of his potatoes and improve his family farming operation. He started using a Valley X-Tec on his Valley pivots to keep up with his irrigation schedule. “To get high-quality potatoes, we need a lot of water, and Valley X-Tec helps us keep up with that high demand,” Wootan says. More