US: Demand for specialty potato products may lead to Bushmans’ expansion

For Bushmans’ Inc., and other Wisconsin growers, the potato crop this fall is looking very good. Mike Carter, CEO of Bushmans’, based in Rosholt, WI, said very wet spring conditions will cost Wisconsin a small percentage of its potential 2017 potato acreage. However, the surviving acreage is fine, especially given weeks of ideal weather this summer. “The crop seems a little behind, but every week we let it go (by delaying harvest) it is bulking up.” Carter said Bushmans’ specialty shed, built in recent years to pack specialty potato products — may be expanded this season to help meet strong demand. The biggest item packed here by Bushmans’ is foil-wrapped baking potatoes in overwrapped trays. “Demand is growing year-to-year,” Carter added. “Consumers still value convenience.” More