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Spain: Catastrophic potato campaign in Castile-Leon

The potato campaign in Castile-Leon, which is currently in full swing, is in a “catastrophic” situation, as prices have sunk below those of 2014 because “there has been an overlap between harvests and too much supply at once due to the weather conditions.” This has been reported by the president of the Association of Potato Operators of Castile-Leon (Asopocyl), Marcos Martín, who stated that while Segovia is selling potatoes “at decent prices, in other places the price does not rise above five or six cents per kilo.” The head of the potato sector at the agricultural organization COAG, Alberto Duque, has agreed with Martín in describing the situation for the producer as “catastrophic, as a decent price above production costs should range between 0.20 and 0.22 Euro per kilo for first class potatoes.” More

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