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Dedicated coordinator to manage tomato potato psyllid in Australia

Image result for tomato potato psyllidThe National Management Group (NMG) for tomato potato psyllid (TPP) – comprising all Australian governments, affected industries and Plant Health Australia – has agreed to a transition to a management phase to manage the ongoing impacts of TPP and risks of Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (CLso) in Australia. The transition to management phase of the response plan, which will conclude on 11 May 2018, will improve the capacity of the horticulture sector to manage TPP and build confidence around the status of CLso in Australia. This follows an earlier decision by the NMG that it is no longer technically feasible to eradicate TPP in Western Australia. To date, the CLso associated with TPP has not been detected in Australia. This exotic pathogen causes the serious exotic disease ‘zebra chip’ in potato. The announcement follows the appointment of a dedicated TPP Coordinator to help the vegetable and potato industries coordinate this response. More